Who do I work with?

I serve busy professionals who feel jaded, demotivated, heading for burnout, wondering why they aren't fulfilled and happy. I support them to GET WORK SMART: to be productive in their ambitions AND to look after their well-being, to balance their work with a meaningful, fun and fulfilling life.

Why choose Coach Bild?

  • 20+ years experience helping people from all walks of life. 

  • Ethical and warm ICF accredited coach.

  • Developed the simple to apply 'GET WORK SMART' process.

  • Three access routes:

How can Coach Bild help you?

  • By reviewing your current life and how you 'spend' your energy.

  • By helping you to release barriers to living well and take on healthful habits.

  • By creating an individualized, sustainable plan for an energised, fulfilling life.

What sort of barriers might you have?

You may feel trapped underneath the rubble of everyday life and its challenges. As a busy professional, you may keep pushing through, late nights, early starts, asking yourself 'how long can I take this for?' You may feel you have lost touch with yourself while focusing on other people and other pressures. You may be ignoring, or feeling blocked by, past challenges that make you wary, for example past failed relationships or family problems.


The 'Get Work Smart' coaching process is designed to address your reaction to life events, how to accept reality and be responsible for how you use (or misuse) your energy.

Please ask any questions that you might have.

Book a free, no-obligation Zoom call to find out if Coach Bild may be able to help you. Either way, you'll discover some useful next steps and self-help tools.